Here is where you will find all the old news, archived. You may look through it if you wish.

Can't believe it's been 12 years already! Happy anniversary, AmysGames!

It's OCtober again! I wrote a short story for yesterday and today's prompts, Obsess and Waiting, featuring Teinei Takushubi—better known as Masked Malice.

I've added a few new questions to the Character Guessing Game! I'm sure the characters are happy to answer them.

There's some new sketches in the sketchbook! I drew some outfit ideas for what kid Gloria should wear in the revamp.

And with that, Backstory Month comes to a close once again. Thank you to everyone who was following along!

In honor of its tenth anniversary, I thought I'd do a little blast from the past and redraw Gloria's Backstory this year. Enjoy!

A new update for the Character Guessing Game is available! I've tweaked some of the answers and other things.

And that's a wrap on Villain Week! Hard to believe I've been doing this for ten years, haha. Thanks to everyone who followed along!

Villain Week is upon us again! Nothing much seems to be happening, though... maybe an old friend can give the villains something to talk about?

The AmysGames Encyclopedia has received a long overdue revamp! Let me know if anything looks broken.

Happy New Year from AmysGames! Here's hoping it's a good one!