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July-December 2018
It's our 11th anniversary! Happy anniversary, AmysGames! Here's to many more!

Regarding the story from last night (and Backstory Month in general), Sanry wanted to say something. Thanks, Sanry!

Last month, I wrote a short story about Sanry, for an event called "OCtober." Well, the story is now available to read here! (Spoilers for Partners.)

There's a new update to the Character Guessing Game! Maelman is now in the game!

Now with Backstory Month over, some new entries are available in the sketchbook! Additionally, a high-res version of one of the sketches is available on Patreon!

And now Backstory Month is over for real. Thank you to everyone who read the comic!

Hey guys! This would normally be the last day of Backstory Month, but since I missed a couple of days due to being sick, there's a couple more pages left to wrap it up. Sanry's very excited about it, right, Sanry? (Spoilers: he's not.)

Project Wonderful, the ad service I've been using for the past six years, just closed down its ads for good. I'm sad see them go, but I'm happy for the great ads they've provided over all these years. Thank you, Project Wonderful.

I've got an Aiiro link up there for now, but I'll probably be hunting down another ad service to replace it with at some point. Hopefully I can find one as lightweight and nonintrusive as Project Wonderful's were.

Backstory Month 2018 has officially begun! This year's comic is a story about Sanry during his adventuring days. I'm sure nothing bad will come of this.