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July-December 2017
I've decided that there will be no new Aiiro this week on account of Christmas. Hope you all have a great holiday!

And after that elongated break, Aiiro No Kunoichi is back on schedule! For now, at least; we'll see what the holidays bring, haha.

Some new entries have been added to the sketchbook! Enjoy the rough sketches used for the 10th anniversary image.

Ten years ago on this day, AmysGames was founded. I decided to celebrate by doing a look back on everything that's happened over the years. Check it out here!

There will be no Aiiro page this week on account of me getting busy with other projects. But I hope all my US readers had a great Thanksgiving!

Due to some poor planning on my part, there will be no new Aiiro No Kunoichi page this week. In the meantime, Mimi's concept sketches have been added to the sketchbook!

Happy Halloween from AmysGames! Hope you have a spooky day filled with lots of delicious candy. Also, be sure to check out the Halloween drawing I did for Aiiro No Kunoichi here!

And Aiiro No Kunoichi is back! Again, sorry for the delay—drawing all those background characters gets a bit exhausting, haha.

No Aiiro No Kunoichi page this week—it's pretty obvious that I've been falling further and further behind schedule with the comic, and I think it's about time I take a short break so I can catch up with the scripts and such. But no worries, we should be back next week!

Turns out I really need to get better at estimating how long a comic will take to draw. :P Either way, a (partially incomplete) page of Aiiro is up now!

Sorry for the lateness again on Aiiro! It's been a pretty stressful week. But it's up now!

And Aiiro is back again with a new page! Hope you enjoy!

Due to some difficulties with the script, there will be no Aiiro No Kunoichi this week. Sorry again for the delay, but we'll be back next week for sure!

Since Flash is being depreciated, the Character Guessing Game has now been fully converted to HTML5! I also made a few other tweaks while I was at it, so feel free to check it out!

And Aiiro No Kunoichi is back in business! Enjoy the new update!

I've added some concept sketches from Philippa's Backstory to the sketchbook! Enjoy!

Also, for Aiiro No Kunoichi fans, we'll be back next week, so stay tuned!

And that's a wrap on Philippa's Backstory! Phew, what a ride! I am going to celebrate with some well needed sleep, haha. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed it!

Both pages are up now! Sorry again for the delay!

Sorry for the lack of Philippa's Backstory tonight! I had a bit of a script mix-up, accidentally skipping today's page and instead I drew tomorrow's page. Oops! Because of the mix-up, I won't be posting the page tonight, and will instead post both today's and tomorrow's pages next time. Apologies!

And so Backstory Month begins! This year's comic focuses on a fan favorite who first appeared in Maggie's Backstory: it's Philippa's Backstory! Finally we get a better look into the difficult life of the magical race known as the Myindo.