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July-December 2016
Happy New Year from AmysGames! Here's hoping for a great 2017! :) Also be sure to check out the new page of Aiiro No Kunoichi!

As you might have guessed, there's no new Aiiro No Kunoichi this week because I've been busy getting ready for Christmas! Hope you all have wonderful holidays, no matter what you celebrate. :)

What's this? An update to Aiiro No Kunoichi after so long? It's true! Sorry for yet another absurdly long hiatus, but I was having trouble pulling up inspiration for the comic. But now I've got it back and I think we can finally take this scene to its conclusion!

Happy 9th anniversary, AmysGames! There are some big changes on the way, which you can find detailed here. Thanks for being a fan of AmysGames!

For anyone who wanted to see the old site graphics, they can now be found in the AmysGames Sketchbook!

There's a new update to the Character Guessing Game, as well as some updates to the Encyclopedia!

And the final page of RedFlash's Backstory is here! I hope you enjoyed it! It certainly was an interesting ride.

The Downloads page has been renamed to the Extras page to reduce confusion. Check there for desktops and other goodies!
Also, don't forget that RedFlash's Backstory is still ongoing!

RedFlash's Backstory continues to plod along—it certainly has taken some interesting turns. Don't forget to also check out the bonus comic!

Happy Independence Day to our American fans! Hope you have a fun and safe holiday!

It's July, and here at AmysGames, that means it's time for another Backstory Month! This year's comic is all about... RedFlash? I'm sure this can only end well!