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January-June 2016
And now the character desktop set has been finished off with the characters from Larissa's Great Adventure and Aiiro No Kunoichi respectively. Enjoy!

The Downloads page has been updated again with new desktops, this time featuring the characters of Venustus Decus!

So hey, how about that old Downloads page? Well, I've finally spiffed it up with some brand new character desktops, starting with the cast of Niji Chikara! Keep an eye out; there will likely be more in the near future!

And that's a wrap on Villain Week! Hope you all enjoyed the party! (Even if the villains didn't have such a great time. Alas.)

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you have a good day full of lots of treats.

But here at AmysGames, today also marks the start of Villain Week! The villains are having another party this year, and this time have decided to invite the new villains to join them. What sort of hijinks will they get up to this time?

Happy New Year from AmysGames! Here's to a great 2016!