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January-June 2015
To go with the new encyclopedia, AmysGames has gotten an art upgrade! Some of the old 2011 art is now looking much nicer.

You might notice there's a new linking button to the right of this news box. That's right; AmysGames now has an Encyclopedia! For anyone who wants a quick overview of one of the characters on the site, you can now find it on the encyclopedia!

AmysGames now has a search bar, powered by Google! I still have some kinks to work through so it will work right, but it's a start. :P

Now with the end of Villain Week, there are some new entries in the AmysGames sketchbook!

Also, I finally recompiled the Mac version of AmysGames Bakublock, so now it is more compatible and much less glitchy.

And that's a wrap, folks! Hope you all enjoyed Villain Week!

This last Villain Week short centers around Masked Malice Niji Chikara, in his first encounter with the eponymous girls.

I wasn't planning on doing a Villain Week short for Cap'n Merritt, since his debut in Aiiro No Kunoichi has already been shown... but he insisted on writing one of his own. So uh, enjoy!

Today's Villain Week story features the mysterious witch queen from Ceresa's Backstory, Queen Moriella. Who is she, and what is she planning? Only time will tell...

Also, if you wanted to see larger versions of the story illustrations, they're now available in the AmysGames deviantART group!

Moving on to Larissa's Great Adventure, today's Villain Week short features someone we're a bit more familiar with: the mysterious weapons merchant, Sanry, in his first encounter with young Larissa.

Today's Villain Week short features another villain from Venustus Decus. One of the Tilotarian Colonels introduced last year, Colonel Maurize is a no-nonsense wielder of fire who won't stop until he gets what he wants.

Villain Week is upon us! This year's theme is "First Impressions," with a series of short stories about our heroes' first encounters with some of the major villains.

Today's story is a bit of a technicality, but features the MegaMy from Venustus Decus (better known from Gloria's and Maggie's backstory comics), detailing their appearance in the game proper.

Official profiles for Karasu and Blood Rose have been added to the Aiiro No Kunoichi and Niji Chikara pages respectively. Check them out!

A few new questions have been added to the Character Guessing Game, as well as a minor bug fix!

There's a new entry in the sketchbook! Check out the concept sketches of Knives from Aiiro No Kunoichi: The Game!

After another unannounced hiatus (oops), there's a new page of Aiiro No Kunoichi!

A new trailer for Aiiro No Kunoichi: The Game! is here! Check it out on YouTube!

And a Happy New Year from AmysGames! Here's looking forward to a great 2015!