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July-December 2014
Merry late Christmas! As I'm sure you can tell, I've been working with the front page layout to make it look more presentable. I hope you like it!

Happy 7th anniversary, AmysGames! To celebrate, we've released an album featuring the 3rd anniversary medley, and each of the songs featured therein. Get it on Bandcamp today!

I've been going crazy and tweaking the color scheme! Hopefully this burns less eyes.

Version 4 of the Character Guessing Game is finally here! Complete with an improved user interface, and—just in time for Halloween—two new villain characters: Karasu from Aiiro No Kunoichi and Blood Rose from Niji Chikara!

As a somewhat late conclusion to Backstory Month, there are now some new Myofet-related entries in the sketchbook!

Sorry again for the late comic, I was feeling a bit sick last night. :P But it's up now!

Today's Backstory Month comic will be up sometime during the day. Sorry for the delay!

The Backstory Month comic will be a bit late again. In the meantime, check out the bonus guest comic by Torkie!

Sorry for the downtime and delay last night! There was a power outage just as I was getting ready to add text to today's Backstory Month page. :P But it's up now!

Today's Backstory Month page will be late due to me being really busy today. XD; Sorry for the delay!

Backstory Month is here again! This year, we get to discover the story of how the Great Sorceress Sesrina fell in The Fall of Sesrina.