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January-June 2014
Anyone remember the old AmysGames Jukebox? Well, I've posted the updated and improved music from it on our YouTube page!

A new linking banner has been added to the link to us page! (I also just now noticed that I broke the links there when updating the site URL, oops. >_> It's been fixed now!)

Happy Mother's Day from AmysGames! There's a new sketchbook entry to celebrate. ^_^

Hey guys! amysgames.dyndns.org is going to be going down in a short while, but don't fret; you'll still be able to find us at amysgames.sytes.net!

Sorry for the lack of Aiiro again this week! I've been having some issues with the script, so I'm going to have to delay it until I get everything sorted out. XD; (Fight scenes are hard.)

There are a couple of new Villain Week-themed entries up in the sketchbook!

And it's finally up! So sorry for the delay. XD;

The Aiiro page will be up sometime during the day. Sorry again for the delay. In the meantime, check out the new Karasu-themed sketchbook entries!

I've been having some pretty bad back problems this past week, so unfortunately there's no new Aiiro for now. Sorry, but I'll do my best to have it ready next week!

This week's Aiiro will be up sometime during the day. Thanks for your patience!

EDIT: And it's up now. Enjoy!

heyyyy guys!!! this is Cap'n Merritt speaking, here to wrap up villain week for you guys. cuz what kind of villain week doesnt have Merritt, am i rite??? anyways, AG asked me to draw the last desktop, with the kracken i battled in my awesum backstory comic, cuz aparetntly it counts as a villain. i agree tho, that thing was mean!!

o also AG says there isnt a new aiiro comic cuz of villain week. but it wouldnt have had me in it anyway, so who cares! maybe i can get her to do a scene change to my daring voyiges. thatd be cool.

Today's Villain Week desktop features a previously unintroduced villain (though some of you may be familiar with her already) from Niji Chikara—a charming young villainess known as Blood Rose. Infamous for her cleverness and agility, Blood Rose has the ability to telekinetically lift objects with the wave of her hand.

The next set of Villain Week desktops is here! (Sorry for the wait!) Just recently having had his formal introduction in Aiiro No Kunoichi, Karasu is the mastermind behind a criminal organization known as the Akumu Gang. Intelligent and cruel, Karasu was one of the Aiiro No Ninja's most dangerous foes in Japan.

Today's set of Villain Week desktops features Pierrick, Cap'n Merritt's loyal first mate from Aiiro No Kunoichi. With a sharp mind and a cool temperament, Pierrick is one pirate you wouldn't want to mess with.

Another Villain Week desktop is here! The featured villain today is Queen Moriella, the witch queen who appeared in Ceresa's Backstory. The most powerful of all the witches, this sinister woman plays a terrible role in several characters' pasts...

The next set of Villain Week desktops is here! Today we have three of the Tilotarian colonels from Venustus Decus. Colonels in the Tilotiarian army represent the world's finest, all of them fierce warriors and powerful mages. Expect to see these men play a significant role in the upcoming game...

Villain Week is upon us! This year, I've decided to do a series of desktop images based on some of the less prominent villains, who've had less time in the spotlight as the others... for now.

First up is the MegaMy, the infamous magic stealers from Gloria's and Maggie's Backstories. The MegaMy are well-known for protecting humans from the dangerous Wari... by stealing their powers and using them for themselves.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! ^_^

And, as promised, here's the new Aiiro page. Enjoy!

No new Aiiro this week; I've had some other projects keeping me busy. I'll be sure to have it ready for next week, though!

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you all have a special day, even if you don't have a special someone to share it with. :)

Finally, after almost a year-long hiatus (oops), there's a new page of Aiiro No Kunoichi! I'll try not to let it go that long without updates again. XD;

Ever wanted to download the music from the Character Guessing Game? Well, the soundtrack is now available on Bandcamp!

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's looking forward to a great 2014!