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July-December 2013
Merry Christmas from AmysGames! Check out AmysGames' new original Christmas song, What is Christmas!

Happy 6th anniversary, AmysGames! There's a new sketchbook entry to celebrate!

And we're back in business! AmysGames just went through a nifty server upgrade, so hopefully things will be a little faster now. We're still getting everything reconfigured, so let me know if anything seems broken.

Happy Halloween from AmysGames! Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday. :)

Hey guys! If you can read this, our internet has been having some issues, and consequently, so has the server. I think it's mostly resolved now, but it might still be a little spotty for a while, so just a little heads up.

And we're back! For those of you who didn't notice, the server was having some issues last night, and it went down for a while, but we're back up now. Things seem to be running smoothly so far, so we'll keep our fingers crossed!

Another minor update for the Character Guessing Game is available, mostly to fix a glitch associated with some of Malice's answers.

A slew of Ceresa's Backstory themed sketches have been added to the sketchbook! There's also a new minor update for the Character Guessing Game, with some new questions and a couple of updated answers.

And so Backstory Month once again draws to a close. I hope you all enjoyed Ceresa's Backstory!

Happy Independence Day to all the Americans out there! Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday.

In other news, Ceresa's Backstory is still going on. Remember to check back daily for updates!

Sorry it's been a bit quiet in here for a while, but I've been super busy. Nonetheless, July is Backstory Month here on AmysGames, so allow me to unveil Ceresa's Backstory!