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July-December 2012

Merry Christmas from AmysGames!

So, uh, I guess I kind of lied. >_> But the new Aiiro is finally up!

The new Aiiro will probably be up sometime during the day. Sorry for the delay! (One of these weeks I'll actually be on time. :P)

A few more questions have been added to the Character Guessing Game! Check it out!

12/08/12 (again)
The new Aiiro No Kunoichi is finally here! Huge apologies for the ridiculous delay. XD;; There's also a matching sketchbook entry!

And thus concludes Character Charades! Go ahead and check out all the answers, and thanks to everyone who participated!
Also, there will be a new Aiiro soon! It's just running a bit late because the Character Charades comics took longer to draw than anticipated. ^_^;

The last round of Character Charades is up! See if you can guess correctly! (Even if the pickings are pretty slim now. :P)

Today the site officially turns five years old. Happy anniversary, AmysGames! Fittingly, round five of Character Charades is up!

And now we move on to round four of Character Charades! We've got a relatively easy one this round.

Round three of Character Charades is here... and this one comes with a special bonus comic! Hurray!

The answers for yesterday's round of Character Charades are up, and so is the new round! Uh oh, seems the characters are much less specific this round...

To celebrate AmysGames fifth anniversary this Thursday, we're having a week-long event called AmysGames Character Charades! Each character will try and imitate another character, and you have to guess who they're trying to imitate! Can you guess them all? (Or perhaps you can just watch the hilarious antics if you prefer.)

Aiiro No Kunoichi will return next week. Sorry for the wait! In the meantime, stay tuned for the upcoming anniversary event!

Still haven't had the time to finish the comic, but perhaps you can be appeased by some assorted new sketchbook entries!

I am so sorry for the continued Aiiro delays! I've been participating in NaNoWriMo this year, and unfortunately my novel has been dragging so slowly that it's been taking most of my free time just to write it. x_x But I'll try and get the next page up ASAP!

This week's Aiiro is almost definitely going to be late, possibly delayed until next week, if just because of how incredibly busy I've been this past week. XD; Sorry! I'll try to get it up soon.

Happy Halloween, everyone! May your night be full of delightful spooks and lots of sugar.

New Aiiro No Kunoichi page is here! Sorry for the delay!

Er, this week's Aiiro is going to be late. I have no real reason other than "I was lazy this week." But at least I worked on other things?

And chapter two of Aiiro No Kunoichi has begun! Enjoy!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of Aiiro sketchbooks/bonus comics these past couple weeks; I was running out of ideas for things to post and forgot to say anything about it. ^_^; But in good news, Aiiro proper will be returning very soon! Expect an update sometime within the next day or two!

In other news, I just went through and found a bunch of old Venustus art that I neglected to upload before, so check out the abundance of new entries in the Venustus Decus sketchbook!

Still a bit, erm... behind with Aiiro scripts, so enjoy another exciting new sketchbook entry! Yay!
In possibly related news, AmysGames is on Tumblr! It's been around for a while, I just never got around to actually mentioning it in the news. Oops.

Still working on that chapter two! In the meantime, enjoy an exceedingly silly bonus comic I wrote as filler for Aiiro No Ninja: The Legacy.

Since I still need to work on the script for chapter two, here's a new Aiiro No Kunoichi sketchbook entry! Check out the never before seen original version of page one! Exciting stuff.

09/01/12 (again)
Hi guys! Sorry for the downtime; there was a power outage in the area. But we're back up and running now!

And that's the last page of Aiiro No Kunoichi chapter one! Phew! It's taken quite a while, hasn't it? Anyway, here to say that the start to chapter two may be a bit delayed due to me still needing to work on the script. In such a case, I'll put up bonus comics or sketchbooks or something in the meantime. Stay tuned!

A new version of the Character Guessing Game is here! This update comes with some fun new questions, more character interactivity, and even a new character: Makoto Minosei of Aiiro No Kunoichi!

Sorry for the delay! But a shiny new Aiiro is up this week. Hooray!
In related news, there's a new character profile available on the Aiiro No Kunoichi index page. Check it out!

Haven't been feeling well these past couple of days, so this week's Aiiro is going to be late. Not sure when it will be up, but hopefully soon.

Kept forgetting to scan them, but there are now some new entries in the Aiiro No Kunoichi sketchbook themed on this past Backstory Month! Enjoy!

The final page of Aiiro No Ninja: The Legacy is here, and with that, Backstory Month comes to a close. The comic can be viewed in its entirety in the archives now. Thanks everyone for reading! Expect an Aiiro No Kunoichi proper page this Saturday!

Guess I forgot to put up today's Backstory Month comic up last night. Oops! It's up now. Sorry for the delay!

Backstory Month is here again, and this year we celebrate with another ongoing backstory comic! I started writing it with Sanori's Backstory in mind, but um, it only kind of turned out that way. Nonetheless, here is Aiiro No Ninja: The Legacy!