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January-June 2012
This week's Aiiro is going to be a bit late again. Expect it sometime in the morning! (Also: soon.) EDIT: It's up now! Enjoy!

There's a new sketchbook entry in honor of Father's Day. To all the fathers out there!

I'm getting really sleepy, so Aiiro will be a tad late again. Good news is it's almost done, so it should be up sometime in the morning! EDIT: And it's up now!

Wow. So, um, turns out I was a lot busier this week than I anticipated. XD; Sorry about that! There's a new Aiiro page up now, though.

This week's Aiiro is probably going to be a few days late. Sorry for the delay, but I've got what promises to be a pretty busy weekend ahead of me. XD; I'll get it up ASAP!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! To celebrate, a new entry has been added to the sketchbook. ^_^

Also, since it's been pushed off to the old news section, just a quick reminder about the new Character Guessing Game!

Test your knowledge with the new Character Guessing Game! See if you can guess who the characters inside the character pods are based on their responses to your questions. Play it now—no download required! (Requires Flash Player.)

In other news, I just noticed that the download links for Super Sphere Struggle were broken. Whoops! They should be working now.

The new index page for Niji Chikara is here! Be sure to check out the character profiles!

05/05/12 (again)
Okay, the page is up now. Enjoy!

I've been kind of busy this past week, so this week's Aiiro is going to be late again. XD; Sorry! I'll try to get it up soon.

Hey look, I found an old concept sketch of Sesrina's Wand I was looking for! It has now been scanned and added to the sketchbook. ^_^

04/21/12 (again)
And the new page is up now! Thanks for your patience. ^_^
Also, there's a new sketchbook entry if you want to take a look!

This week's Aiiro will be a bit late. I'll try to get it up sometime during the day, though!

Four years ago today, I put up a little comic called Aiiro No Kunoichi. Then it was dead for the next three. But now it is actively updating, so I can happily say happy anniversary, Aiiro!

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you have lots of fun and candy!

And the real Aiiro page 23 is up now! I hope it's at least somewhat as entertaining as the April Fools version. ;)

The long overdue revamp of the Aiiro No Kunoichi index page is here! Be sure to check out the new character profiles!

April Fools! That last Aiiro comic was a joke, obviously. :P The real one comes Saturday. (If you missed the joke comic, it's here now.)

I promised a new Aiiro soon, and so here it is! Enjoy!

And that's the last page of Villain/Hero Week—you can now read the whole comic in its entirety. Hope you've enjoyed it! ^_^
Also, there's no new Aiiro page today, because I've obviously been busy with Villain Week. It'll be up soon, though!

Villain/Hero Week today features the final two characters, which are Masked Malice and Red Fire from the upcoming Niji Chikara series. Enjoy!

Today's Villain/Hero Week features a pair of characters you may be familiar with: Cap'n Merritt and the Indigo Ninja from Aiiro No Kunoichi!

Today's Villain/Hero Week features, uh... whatever this is, exactly. I don't know.

Villain/Hero Week continues! Today's comic features Sanry and Larissa, the stars of Larissa's Great Adventure.

Looks like Villain Hero Week is underway, starting with the cast of Venustus Decus. Where will this whole fiasco go? Will there be hilarity? Stay tuned!

Your doom is nigh, for it's time for another year of Villain Week! Or... is it?

And the Aiiro page is finally up! Thanks everyone for your patience!
*Meanwhile, a mysterious mist of darkness begins to fill the air...*

Hi guys! I've been pretty busy this week, and some other stuff came up last minute, so this week's Aiiro page is definitely going to be late. I'll try to get it up soon, though!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! There's a new Aiiro page, too, though not a St. Patrick's themed one. I like to think it's a pretty good one, though.

Hello everyone! This past week I've been sick with what I suspect was the flu. :( Thankfully I'm doing a lot better now, but regardless there will be no Aiiro page this week. In the meantime, though, there's a new sketchbook entry!

It's recently come to my attention that my layout wasn't quite working right for IE users, so I've been working on it and now it looks... sort of better. Working on it, though!

Looks like the upcoming Villain Week was messing up my calendar! Pesky villains. Anyway, it's been fixed now.

Alright, the new Aiiro page is up now! As much as I blamed the internet last news update, I'll also have to chalk some of it up to those crazy ninja poses Sanori apparently likes to strike. It's almost like she's a ninja or something, gosh.

This week's Aiiro page is definitely going to be late. I don't really have an excuse other than "the internet distracted me." XD; INTERNEEEET! *shakes fist*

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you all have a great day with your loved ones. ^_^

Character profiles have been added to the Larissa's Great Adventure page! Be sure to check them out!

Okay, a bit later than I was expecting, but page 16 is up now! And things are starting to get interesting...

This week's Aiiro No Kunoichi will be a bit late, for various reasons, mostly related to me getting distracted by various other tasks. (One of them was Venustus, so that's my excuse. :P) It will probably be up sometime during the day tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

And page 14 is finally here! Can you guess why this one was late? :P Speaking of which, there's a new sketchbook entry, too.

This week's Aiiro comic is still being worked on and will be up late. I'm not sure how late, but I'll try to get it up soon!

With today's Aiiro update comes a new sketchbook entry! Also, I did a bit of experiment with facial details in this update. Feel free to let me know what you think. :)

Decided to clean up the forums a bit, deleting some redundant boards I had put in early on. Any suggestions or bug reports are welcome in the corresponding review threads!