Here is where you will find all the old news, archived. You may look through it if you wish.

August-December 2011
Happy New Year, everyone! Today's Aiiro page is the last page of 2011. And it's page 11, to boot! Look at all those 11s! Anyway, here's looking forward to a great year. :)

The server's back up and running! Sorry about that, turned out the new network hard drive we got for Christmas had some FTP settings that were conflicting with our server. But everything should be back up and running now!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I considered having today's Aiiro No Kunoichi page be a holiday filler of some sort, but then I figured you guys would probably prefer a real update. :P Hope you all stay safe and enjoy your various holidays!

Swapped to a different browser and noticed the site was littered with some seriously ugly image link outlines. Wow. Anyway, those should all be gone now. Hurrah!

One of the things I was intending with the big site revamp was not just the two new Aiiro No Kunoichi comics, but the return of the comic in general. ("I'll draw them all ahead of time," what was I thinking? :P) That said, page 9 is up now! With any luck, I'll be updating it every Saturday from now on. :)

Some character profiles have been added to the Venustus Decus page! Hurrah! Expect some more character profiles to show up around the site soon.

So as you've obviously noticed by now, there's been a major site revamp! Holy whoa! As much as I liked the old layout, I do think it was high time for an update. As for "AmysGames Entertainment," that's a minor change to the official site name I've been planning for a while, since really, AmysGames has long since stopped being only about games. :P Not to say I won't still call it just "AmysGames," but.

Also, as the animation mentioned, there are also updates for both Aiiro No Kunoichi and Super Sphere Struggle, as indicated by those shiny new buttons below. There's also a bunch of other random new features about the site, such as the brand new AmysGames sketchbook, so feel free to take a look around!

Today is AmysGames' fourth anniversary! Happy anniversary, AmysGames!

Hello everyone! Sorry about the downtime yesterday, but some crazy hurricane-force winds blew through our area and knocked out power for a lot of people, AmysGames included. We're okay, though! There was no major damage on our end, thankfully.
At any rate, the site's back up and running again. Thank you for your patience!

The comic archives have been updated with some first page and latest page buttons for your reading convenience! Just let me know if you see any broken code anywhere. :)

Now that there are some ads in the rotation up there, I just thought I'd give a quick reminder that AmysGames is not responsible for content on the websites linked by ads, and as such, linked websites may include foul language or potentially offensive content that would not be seen on AmysGames. That said, however, if you see an ad that you feel is inappropriate or otherwise questionable, please contact me and I will have it removed. Thank you!

Whoa what! What's that box at the top of the page?! Why, that would be an ad box provided by Project Wonderful! Wow amazing! Project Wonderful is an ad service that allows anyone to bid and place their ads wherever one of their ad boxes appear, so feel free to go nuts. Really, it's even free right now. ;)

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope you have a fun and safe night!
In other news, there's been a slight update to the calendar. Nothing major, but I think it looks a little nicer now.