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January-July 2011
And thus marks the final page of Maggie's Backstory! Hope you've all had a good month, and for anyone who missed it, you can now view the comic in its entirety. :)

Happy Independence Day to all you Americans out there! Larissa hopes you see lots of pretty fireworks.
Also, a quick reminder that Maggie's Backstory is still going, with a new page every day. You guys might like today's. ;)

Villain Week ends and then I don't update again until Backstory Month! Silly me!
At any rate, this year we get to discover the intriguing backstory of Gloria's childhood companion, the Wari named Magmis. Check it out!

With Villain Week over, I'd like to announce the new Downloads page! Here you can get desktops and other goodies. Right now it only has the old Villain Week desktops, but keep an eye out for more goodies in the future. :)

April Fools! There's no such character as Bethany Jeniver; she's an in-joke that Candy came up with a while ago. :)
As for today, today's desktop features all the villains put together for one desktop. Hope you all had a great Villain Week! (I'll look into making some avatars or other goodies, I promise!)

Today's Villain Week desktop features another villain from Larissa's Great Adventure—Larissa's evil twin sister, Bethany Jeniver. Bethany despises her sister, and will do anything in her power to put Larissa's adventures to an end.

Villain Week continues! Today's desktop features Sanry, the mysterious shopkeeper from Larissa's Great Adventure. Special thanks to Omniscia for the weapon shop background!

Today's Villain Week desktop features one of the less prominent villains—a man by the name of Colonel Renauld, better known as the Tilotarion diplomat. But watch out, for he is quite competent in a fight, as well. He, of course, will appear in Venustus Decus.

Villin Week is still going! Be sure to check the page!
Today's desktop features the mysterious and deadly Masked Malice. None have ever seen his face, but everyone knows when you see that mask, it's time to run.

Today's Villain Week desktop is of Cap'n Merritt, from Aiiro No Kunoichi. He's 100% pirate and proud of it!
(Incidentally, yesterday's was General Donovan from Venustus Decus. Leader of the Tilotarion armies, and one of the cruelest foes around.)

Villain Week is back, and so are our favorite villains! This year, keep an eye on the Villain Week page for some cool new desktops every day. (And maybe some other goodies? Stay tuned!)

The site went down for a couple days, but it's back now! Looks like I may have to add that update client to the server later...
In other news, the forum now has some new and better default avatars for you to choose from! Pick from your favorite characters!

I seem to have broken the calendar at some point and didn't notice! At any rate, it's fixed now.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you all have a good day, even if you don't have a special someone to share it with. ^_^

After a quick recompiling (which I really probably could have done earlier, but >_>), there's now a Mac version of Super Sphere Struggle 2.1 available for download! Check it out!

Hey guys, check out the new calendar! :D Okay, so it looks basically the same, but the glory of it all is that it updates itself now. Also, it marks the current day. Pretty neat, huh? I'll probably see if I can add things like skipping ahead to certain months later on. Also, there's a few holidays I'll have to look up...

I just realized I forgot to change the calendar for the new year! Oops! It's been fixed now. I should probably make some kind of auto-update code for that thing. XD;

First news post of the new year! :D Here's to a great 2011, everyone!