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January-July 2010
the last page of capn merritts awsome backstory goes up!!!! hope you all enjoyed readin ;D
Yeah, what he said. Hope you all enjoyed Backstory Month! (If, y'know, just for the laughs.)

While I was messing around with the image URLs around the site, I noticed this shiny button on the forum that gave us some cool new images! Check it out! (Also, if you spot any broken images, let me know.)

So I was looking at the desktops I made last Villain Week and decided they were of kind of terrible quality, so I went ahead and exported some better ones. Feel free to check them out!

I just went through all the comics around the site and added copyright tags to the bottom--listing the years the comics themselves were made, and not the current year, because uh... well, because. Now we can all know whose comics those are, right? :B

Happy Independence Day to the Americans! ^_^ Larissa hopes you get to watch lots of pretty fireworks.

Well, Backstory Month is here, and Cap'n Merritt is plowing away with... something. Feel free to take a look and watch this slow-mo trainwreck piece of art as it progresses!

So, Backstory Month is just around the corner, but I have a bit of bad news--I have nothing planned. Literally, nothing. ^_^; So um, I'll see if I can get something up, but no promis-- *pushed aside*
heyyy capn merritt here!!! dont worry bout backstory month k i can take over for ya ag ;D
*reclaims the computer* ...well then. I guess we'll get to see... some kind of Cap'n Merritt backstory? Stay tuned!

Happy birthday to Omniscia! Here's to many more!

Just dropping in to wish a happy birthday to Caleb! Have a good one!

AmysGames now has a Facebook page! I'll probably be posting cool sneak previews there later on. Become a fan and stay tuned!
We also have moreorless of an official fanclub on deviantART now, thanks to Candy. There's some cool stories and stuff in there if you're interested, including the one I wrote last November for NaNoWriMo. (There's some characters that haven't been officially introduced on the site in it! Interest and intrigue!)

Bit late, but I figured I'd drop by to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mothers Day! (That and I haven't updated the news in over a month, so I thought I should say something. Sue me. ^_^;)

And with that, we find ourselves at the end of Villain Week. Hope you all enjoyed it, but now we're going to have to set the site back to normal! (And I think my protagonists are glad for it, too.)
That said, it seems we have now gone into another holiday we call Easter. Hope you all get lots of candy!

Eh? What do you mean I promised desktops yesterday but never got them up? IT WAS APRIL FOOLS. I CAN DO THAT. (Seriously though, there's some up now, if you want to take a look.)
Anyway, now I gotta work on the junk my villains want me to make...

Hey guys! It's A.G. again~ I guess the villains decided that updating the news is too much of a hassle for some reason, so they want me to do it for them. Heh.
Anyway, the villains have agreed that the site needs some cool Villain Week desktops and so forth, so be sure to keep an eye out for those later today. :3

heyyy guys malice sez this is where im sposed to type so if its not then THATS HIS FAULT!!!! haha anyway this is just capn merritt tellin ya that we got this site now & were gonna do a darn better job takin care of it than ag ever did so expect to see a much COOLER & beter site here soon...... o & i think its somone's bday or somethin so hb to whoever cyborg is.

Oh dear, looks like it's that time of year again... well then! Guess I'll be leaving the site in the capable hands of our skilled antagonists. I think they'll have some fun times figuring things out. Have a good Villain Week~!
--A.G. out

Happy birthday to Candy, one of our game designers! Hope it's a good one!

Velcome to the new AmysGames!
...Okay, yeah, to you guys it probably looks exactly the same. But let's just say the ominous noises coming from the previous server were prompting us to swap it out for a new one. Now it's 100% more better exactly the same! Whoo!

I just went through the colors used for the rating system and made them a bit easier on the eyes. If you're confused or see any ratings still using the old colors, let me know.
Also, Happy Valentine's Day in a couple days! Whether you have a special someone to be with or not, hopefully you'll at least get some tasty candy, right? ;)

brb, kicking router out window
...Oh hey, we're back! Sorry once again for the server issues. Turns out our internet is a moron. But it should be back for now.

It's 12:04 AM on New Year's Day and I'm feelin' even more fine. :D
Time to get used to writing '10 instead of '09! Whoo!