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July-December 2009
It's 11:50 PM on New Year's Eve night and I'm feelin' fine!
Anyway, just dropping in to wish the great lot of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to a 2010 full of fun and excitement, eh?

Whoa, it's Christmas Eve again? Where did it come from?
But anyway, just dropping in to wish a Merry Christmas to you all. <3 Hope you have/had a great holiday, whatever you happen to celebrate.

Just put up a slight update for Bakublock, with the fixing of a bug that was causing the game to load in places besides the main menu. Be sure to download the new version if you want to fix the bug!
If you've already downloaded it but want to keep your save file, just copy the "bakudata" file from your old version into the folder of the new version. It might load somewhere it's not supposed to a la the old bug, but that should be fixed shortly after you do anything.

Finally, after an ELEVEN DAY DELAY, GOSH, I am pleased to present that game I foreshadowed back on the anniversary: AmysGames Bakublock!
Bakublock is a Breakout-style game, wherein the goal is to destroy the picture on top to reveal the picture underneath. In AmysGames Bakublock, each picture you reveal will be added to your gallery. Can you collect all the art?

I've been thinking about various legal junk recently and thus have put up a vague page on AmysGames' legal info. You'll probably want to you read it and, y'know, don't break any laws. ^_~
Also, I just changed the link colors again because the purple was bugging me. Indigo whoo~

Two years ago, a site found its way onto the internet. A site you are obviously aware of, else you wouldn't be reading this. That's right, you know what I'm talking about...
Happy 2nd Anniversary, AmysGames!
In honor of this special event, a new version of Super Sphere Struggle has been released. I also had something else planned for this special event, but it's not quite ready for release yet. Here's a preview, though...

Sorry about the (increased) server issues as of late. We've been doing stuff involving computers and the internet and apparently the cable for my server is convenient. Hopefully it should all be done and over with soon, though.

Just thought I'd drop by and wish a happy birthday to Celestial! ^_^ Here's to many more!

I noticed the buttons up there *pokes above* were a bit huge and cluttery on smaller monitors, so I made them a bit smaller and more manageable. ^_^

If you've been watching the AmysGames Calendar, you'll note that today is Fanfics Day. Meaning that it's been exactly one year since the Fanfics section of the site was added! To celebrate, I've decided to add an Ace Attorney fanfic to my miscellaneous one-shots section, one that's been on my deviantART account for a while now. Feel free to confuse yourself over its random spontaneity! :3
In unrelated news, behold the 9 Brigade!

The Link to Us page now includes both HTML and BB Code, unlike just HTML as it had before. Convenient for when you want to copy-paste a linking banner into a forum or a bulletin board! ^_^

And finally, the last page of Gloria's Backstory goes up. Phew! What a ride it's been, but now it's finally over. <3
Hope you all enjoyed Backstory Month! Here's hoping for an even greater one next year!

One more day of Gloria's Backstory! Whoo!
Speaking of which, after that video, I decided to continue and make a quick tutorial on how I make speech bubbles in Gloria's Backstory. Enjoy!

Still working on the network timeout thing. Might need to switch servers again... >_>
On a different note, today's page of Gloria's Backstory comes with a little treat. ^_^ If you ever wanted to see A.G. drawing the second panel of page 16, now you can!

Okay, I realize a lot of you have been getting network timeouts lately, and I apologize for that. However, I think I've finally figured out where the problem lies--it seems my ISP is, uhhh, a little disapproving of me using their services to host a server. ^_^; I will see what I can do to remedy the problem as quickly as possible, but in the meantime, please bear with me.

Just dropping in to say happy Independence Day to all the Americans out there! ^_^ To celebrate, feel free to enjoy this adorable fanart of Larissa and fireworks, drawn by Vapor. Thanks, Vapor!

If you've been paying special attention to the AmysGames Events page, you'll notice that this month is Backstory Month! Huzzah!
For this year, I've decided that I will be doing the backstory of Gloria Rosebloom, the main character of Venustus Decus. I have exactly 31 pages planned, so if everything goes smoothly (note the if), there will be a new page up everyday for the rest of July. ^_^ Enjoy!