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January-June 2009
Dropping in to wish a happy birthday to Omniscia! Here's hoping to another great year!

Alrighties, I'm back now, and the forum is back up. ^_^ Thanks for your patience!

I'm gonna be AFK for the next few days (camp again, whoo), so I'm closing down the forum, like I did last year. Still have a lack of moderators, after all, and well. ^_^; I'd rather not let bad things happen without a mod there to fix it.
At any rate, I should be back sometime this Saturday, and it's then that the forum will be back up. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Ah, the joys of having your own server... added some spiffy new things to the site, namely a favicon *pokes the little A in your address bar* and a spiffy new 404 page.

You obviously would have noticed by now, considering you were likely redirected here from the original site, but AmysGames is now entirely on its own server! *pokes the URL happily* :D Now if we're in luck, we won't have to deal with all the crazy server issues this thing has had before. *cough cough*

There's a new comic in the one-shot fanfics section. ^_^ ...And yes, I do a lot of one-shot fan comics. XD

Just dropping in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CALEB. May all your birthday wishes come true!
And I think the server issues have ended now, so hopefully we won't have to worry about that for a while. *knocks on wood*

Sorry about the server being so... randomly going on and off lately. e_e But we've been rearranging some things and so the connection to the internet has been going on and off. Currently the internet is up, but the server is not connected to it. Hopefully we can get the thing set back up properly soon so I won't have to keep making these server-going-down updates.

04/28/09 (again)
Alright, got the router working again, so the internet is working nicely now. So yes, the server should be back up now. ^_^ Here's hoping it lasts.

Okay, so our internet connection has been kinda bad lately, so we've been trying to get it fixed. Right now we only have one computer connected to the internet, meaning the server is down again. >_> Sorry again for the inconvenience. Here's hoping we get the internet fixed soon!

Just dropping in to say happy Easter! ^_^ May you find all those eggs and get stuffed full of chocolatey goodness.
Also, I totally did not put 08 instead of 09 on the previous news update. *shifty eyes* And I totally did not have to fix it. Nope.

So a year ago today, I introduced the Other section to the site, and along with it came Aiiro No Kunoichi. Which means, yes, today is Aiiro No Kunoichi's first birthday! Huzzah!
With that, I figured this would be a good time to announce that, well, the current method of updating isn't working very well. At all. XD; So I've decided to switch it up a bit. From here on out, instead of putting up each page as I draw it, I'll be drawing the entire chapter ahead of time and then putting up the chapter's pages in a nice and far more timely fashion. So instead of large spaces between pages, you'll have long pauses between chapters instead! :D So though it might be a while before the next update, at least you won't have to wait that same while for the ones after that.

Per request of a certain individual, I've put up a list of some of my one-shot fancomics from deviantART, plus one Flash animation. You can find a link to that on the fanfics page, or more conveniently, here. ^_^ Enjoy!

For those of you who were unable to download Larissa's Great Adventure because the link brought up a 404... you might want to take another look at the release date. In other words, APRIL FOOLS! ^_~ (For more details, check out this post on the forum.)

The server went down for a while last night due to a storm. Sorry if that caused any inconvenience.
In cheerier news, however, finally the released section of the games page is looking less lonely. By which I mean Larissa's Great Adventure is finally out! ^_^ I worked hard on it--finally managed a version that works on Mac OS X, yay!--so please feel free to download it and give it a try!

Villain Week ends, and we move right into another special day. ^_^ Cyborg's special day, to be precise! Happy birthday, Cyborg! Hope you have a good one!
Also, the server's been back up... in case you haven't noticed yet.

Um, the server's going to be down for a bit again... it was kinda making ominous noises and prompting me to turn it off. o_o I may need to take a look at it and see why it would do that before turning it back on.

If you've been watching the AmysGames calendar, you'll have noticed something unique going on for this entire week. Starting this year, AmysGames is going to be having some special themed weeks/months, where there will be special events going on centered around that theme. ^_^ With that said, the fourth week of March will now be Villain Week over here at AmysGames!
And so for our first year of celebration, I'm going to be introducing the villains of AmysGames to you, seeing as they've pretty much gone unknown so far. Keep an eye on this page and watch for updates!

03/20/09 (again)
Alright, I got the server back up and it should hopefully be running smoothly now. ^_^ Sorry again for it being a hassle!

Well, maybe not mysterious deletings, but it seems our new server has decided to come around while we were having tons of internet issues and is currently offline. XD; So those files are, once again, temporarily unavailable. Sorry for the repeated inconvenience, I'm gonna see if I can get it back up and running smoothly as soon as I can.

Hey, lookit! Those files that HotlinkFiles ate have returned! They are now being hosted on a server belonging entirely to myself, so no more mysterious deletings should happen. ^_^ In fact, I may even be moving the entire site over to its own server in the future. But for now it's staying over here on Freewebs Webs.
And while I'm at it, have a happily green St. Patrick's Day! :D

Okay, so uh, it seems HotlinkFiles has decided it doesn't like me and has apparently eaten all the files I had hosted on it. >_> As such, a couple of old Flash files have vanished, as has the main download link for Super Sphere Struggle. So while I see if I can find a new file host, you'll have to download Super Sphere Struggle from YoYo Games, and you won't be able to watch the Anniversary Flash in the archives or listen to the jukebox I mentioned on the forum. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll see if I can get them rehosted somewhere soon.
Also, happy birthday to Candy! ^_^ Here's hoping it's a good one!

New Aiiro page is up, and the plot is finally starting to get somewhere! :P Even if it's not entirely obvious at the moment. But there's a plot to all this, I swear.

Added a new linking button. :3

Along with the new skin I added a while back (called Sanori-san, incase you haven't noticed it yet), the forum now has some shiny new banners that match the different skins. ^_^

Goodness gracious, I haven't updated the news ALL YEAR. D: *brick'd*
Aannyyways. A new Aiiro No Kunoichi page is up for viewing now.