Here is where you will find all the old news, archived. You may look through it if you wish.

August-December 2008
This is the last chance I have to update the news while it's still 2008 in my timezone, so I might as well take it. :3 HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE, and here's looking forward to an awesome 2009!

Woohah and whoot! Just in time for Christmas, the new version of Super Sphere Struggle is up and ready for download! And this time it runs on Windows computers, huzzah! :D
And on the topic of Christmas, here's wishing all those of you who celebrate this holiday a merry Christmas. ^_^ May the spirit of the season touch people's hearts the world over.

The older news section of the site has been cleaned up a little, so now it's a lot more organized. Feel free to check it out if you like. ^_^ (Which will look ironic when this news update ends up in the older news section itself, but hey.)

Aanndd here we go. :3 Now you can get an inside look at AmysGames' anniversary planning! (The movie's a little over two minutes long. ^_~)

So a year ago today, A.G. had finished a game called Super Sphere Struggle and told herself, "bah! You need to put up your site already so you can show this off!" And so, that's what she did. And on that day, December 6th of 2007, AmysGames the site first appeared on the web for all to see.
And so I say, happy first anniversary, AmysGames! ^_^ You may still have a long way to go, but you've also come quite a ways from what you were a year ago. Here's looking forward to many more years, and hopefully lots of exciting new features in the meantime!
(I had something special planned for today, but it looks like it's going be delayed a bit. Keep your eyes out, though!)

Everything's wrapped up in the epilogue of Star Sweep Reimagined. ^_^ Thanks to everyone who read that story, and thanks in advance to those who will!

Aanndd with chapter 10 of Star Sweep Reimagined up, we bring ourselves to the end of our tale. And it took, what, three months? Phew!
I have the feeling it's not quite over though... perhaps we should be keeping an eye out to see what happens next week!

I added an Off-Topic category to the forum, so you can talk about non-AmysGames things there now. ^_^ Have fun!

I just realized that the link for chapter 9 in the Star Sweep Reimagined index wasn't working. XD; That was because I accidentally typo'd the page name as "chpater9.htm" or something like that. Whoops. Anyway, I fixed the typo and the link should work now. Sorry about that.

Aanndd there you go. One chapter 9, ready for your reading pleasure. ^_^ Ooh, there seems to be a lot of plot exposition this time around...

Sorry, no Reimagined update today. Got really preoccupied with NaNo, some various other projects, and some real life things, and by the time I thought to draw chapter 9 pictures, it was already late. ^_^; But don't fret! I'll see if I can get them done by tomorrow.

What with all the hype over NaNoWriMo, I almost forgot to draw Reimagined pictures. ^_^; But I managed to get them done, and now an ominous chapter 8 of Star Sweep Reimagined is out. Fear.

Whoa, what? New Aiiro page? Duuude, it really DOES update now and again! (The panels are bigger... which A.G. thinks might make the updates a bit more frequent. We'll have to see though.)
Oh, and... *pokes the calendar, but says nothing* :3

If you can't guess what I'm about to say, then you haven't been watching the news for the past... monthish. :P Anyway, chapter 7 of Star Sweep Reimagined is out. Ooh, I smell ominousness coming up...

Chapter 6 of Star Sweep Reimagined is out. ^_^


Happy birthday to Celestial, one of our game designers! ^_^ Here's to many more years to come!

Guess what I almost forgot to do this week? ^_^; But anyway, I managed to finish the pictures for chapter 5 of Star Sweep Reimagined this morning, and so now the chapter is ready for view. (Maybe I should get started on the pics for chapter 6 early...)

It's not Aiiro, but if you were ever wondering How I Make My Music, now you can find out. :D

And now we have chapter 4 of Reimagined, ready for your reading pleasure. (Noticing a trend yet? >_>; I should get going on all those other things... like Aiiro...)

Chapter 3 of Star Sweep Reimagined is out!

Did a couple more forum tweaks... as well as much headdesking over how to get that smilies in thread titles code to work like it should. >_> I DO NOT WANT YOUR [img]blah blah image code I don't want[/img]. I WANT XD. OR AT LEAST :lol:.

Chapter 2 of Star Sweep Reimagined is out! ^_^

Chapter 1 of Star Sweep Reimagined is out! Also, I think I can actually promise a solid updating schedule for this one, unlike Aiiro. :P Star Sweep Reimagined will update every Tuesday, give or take. (I might end up being busy some weeks, so it might not always end up being on Tuesday. But every week-ish.)
*ALSO* I just redid the top banner, and organized the other images for the site. Including the linking banners. So if you were using a linking banner before, you'll have to update with the new image code, or you'll end up with a broken image. Thanks. ^_^

Behold, for we now have a Fanfics section! *pokes the above button* And with it comes the story Star Sweep Reimagined... yes, I know you don't know what Star Sweep is. Go look and find out. ^_~

We now have a rating system! So now parents can get an idea what kind of stuff their kids are looking at if they so desire. ;)

HEY LOOK! Page 3 of Aiiro No Kunoichi finally came out!
I highly doubt that page 4 is coming anytime soon, but you know what I mean. :P

Check out the top of this page. *pokepoke* Shiny buttons. :D Don't you just wanna click them? Oooooh, they actually LEAD to places. Sweet.
...Or in other words, we have new linking buttons now, for extra shininess convenience. ^_^