Here is where you will find all the old news, archived. You may look through it if you wish.

January-July 2008
The new :lol: smiley now works in thread titles... even better than the other smilies do, actually. :P Though it's still a bit glitchy in some areas, like when you preview your posts. I'll get this stuff figured out eventually, I swear. >_>

So it seems that the spambots have finally started to acknowledge the forum's existence. XD; A flood of none, and then suddenly two within two days. (They seem to like the Aiiro No Kunoichi thread, too...)
So I guess I should make a mention now: if you see a post filled with weird jibberish that links to weird Chinese sites, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS. They could give your computer viruses and all that nasty junk. Which is no good.
If you see a spambot post, the best thing to do would be to just PM me about it and wait for me to come on, delete it, and ban the bot for good. Thanks. ^_^

Happy Independence Day to all you Americans out there! ^_^

Alright, AmysGames is back after a long trip home and a nice long bath. ^_^ Cleanliness!
And, of course, the forum is back up now. I'm sort of surprised it stayed in maintenance mode the whole time, honestly. XD; But yay, it did. Oh, and enjoy the added smiley! Though it currently doesn't work in the topic titles like the other smilies do. I'll see if I can get that fixed.

I'm going to be away from the computer for a while, so there won't be any updates until sometime this Friday. (There might not have been anyway, but shush. >_>)
Because of the lack of moderators at the forum, I'm putting it into maintenance mode until I get back. This means it is currently only accessible to forum moderators. (Meaning, well, me. <_<) This is so there won't have to be an unmoderated forum while I am gone. ^_^ Not that I'm expecting there to be any problems going on there, but I would much rather be safe than sorry. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I do hope you understand.


Happy birthday to Omniscia, another one of our game designers! ^_^ May all your birthday wishes come true!

Thanks to Candy--one of our game designers--we now have a couple new linking banners. Thanks, Candy! ^_^


Today's the birthday of one of our game designers, Caleb. ^_^ Have a good one! *shares cake*

It's the start of a new month, and what better time would there be to announce that AmysGames now has a calendar? :D
If you have any special events you want me to add, please contact me~

So I decided that the red links against the blue background were kinda hard on the eyes, and have thus changed the link colors to purple. They should make less eyes bleed now. :P

I've been doing weird things to the forum layout. So it might look sorta cooler soonish. >_> Shh.

Page 2 of Aiiro No Kunoichi is up. Phew. Yeah, I don't think I could ever keep a solid schedule for that thing. XD; Page 3 will come one of these days.

*horribly played trumpet fanfare!* ...So, um, I've never played a trumpet. But besides that! It's time for something special! Allow me to introduce you to...
The 'other' section!
Because although this site is called AmysGames, there is no need for it to be all games. ;) And since I'm already at it, feel free to take a peek at the webcomic I posted there: Aiiro No Kunoichi. I'd tell you its updating schedule, but I'd be lying. So... it updates whenever I get around to it. And don't expect me to mean it won't ever update! Because it most definitely will. In fact, be expecting page 2 sometime soon.

As you would have noticed by now, I updated the front page layout a little, and will be updating some other page layouts soon. And if you've been paying close enough attention, you may have noticed a couple characters you don't recognize. >_> Those are coming soon! Ish!

There's a new linking banner you can use if you wish. ;)
Also, happy Easter to everyone. ^_^

Though the site has been pretty... *ahem* quiet for a while, I finally decided to touch it up a bit. As such, the game pages have been redone some.