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Every fourth week of March is Villain Week here at AmysGames Entertainment. Each year we take a moment to pay our dues to the evildoers of AmysGames, whether it be through a short comic, villain-themed art, or something else. You can find all of the past Villain Week events here!

Villain Week 2009


The original character profiles for the villains of the site.
Villain Week 2010


When Villain Week arrives, the villains decide it's their turn to run the site for a while.
Villain Week 2011


Some desktop portraits of the villains.
Villain/Hero Week 2012


Villain Week is here again, but the heroes think their foes are hogging the spotlight! What will they do?
Villain Week 2013


The villains are determined to have their big party this year, but A.G. wants them to get their own supplies. Hilarity ensues!
Villain Week 2014


Desktop images featuring some of the villains I don't usually focus on.
Villain Week 2015


Some short stories themed around the heroes' first encounters with their villain counterparts.
Villain Week 2016


Merritt has decided to invite some of the new villains to a Villain Week party. What sort of shenanigans will they get into this time?
Hero Week 2017


Things seem awfully quiet this year as Villain Week rolls around, but what to do? Well, perhaps the heroes can step in and have a proper Hero Week this year!
Villain Week 2018


More desktops, but limited palette because artsy!
Villain Week 2019


The villains aren't sure what to do for Villain Week this year. Perhaps an old friend can give them something to talk about?
Side Character Week


Villain Week? Hero Week? Who needs them? The other characters think it's their time for the spotlight, and decide to have their own party for Side Character Week!
We Meet Again


Things get awkward for Teinei Takushubi when Cap'n Merritt shows up in the Niji Chikara world.