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The Fall of Sesrina guest comic by Torkie!

(Transcript, since it might be hard to read:)

Panel 1:
Merritt: "Never fear, ladies! AG may be busy, but I am HERE!"

Panel 2:
Sesrina: *Offscreen* "Wait who even are you?"
Merritt: "We all know I'm the important one on this site. So out of my manly generosity, I've decided to talk about the backstory of . . ."

Panel 3:
Merritt: *Offscreen* "My EPIC


Panel 4:
Merritt: ". . ."
Sesrina: *Offscreen* "Seriously, get out of my backstory"

Panel 5:
Narrator Box: "Elsewhere. . ."
Sesrina: "I don't understand why you're surprised you got sick after eating that flag, Myofet. You had no idea where it had been or when it was last washed.

Also, even you have to admit that was childish."

Myofet: *Offscreen, ~fancy~ cursive* "HMPH."