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Villain Week 2015 - Sanry
Release DateMarch 24, 2015
Timeline (?)?? AL
Characters Larissa Jeniver
Location(s) Curissya

Villain Week 2015 - Sanry

Villain Week 2015 - Sanry was one of the short stories done for Villain Week 2015. It features Larissa Jeniver's first encounter with the mysterious weapons merchant, Sanry.

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Plot Synopsis

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Larissa Jeniver, while boredly exploring Chekiku City, stumbles upon Sanry's Weapon Shop, and decides to look around.

While there, Sanry notices that Larissa is in possession of Sesrina's Wand. He attempts to get her to give up the wand, getting slowly more threatening as she continues to refuse. Finally, as Larissa storms defiantly out of the shop, Sanry's temper explodes, and he shouts after her that he will not let her take away what belongs to him.

Larissa, slightly rattled by the encounter, rejoins her parents and starts on her way home. She is relieved that Sanry doesn't seem to have followed her... or did he?