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This is a page about Villain Week 2015 - Queen Moriella, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Villain Week 2015 - Queen Moriella
Release DateMarch 25, 2015
Timeline (?)2 BL
Characters Queen Moriella
Location(s) Curissya

Villain Week 2015 - Queen Moriella

Villain Week 2015 - Queen Moriella was one of the short stories done for Villain Week 2015. It features a group of adventurers encountering the evil witch queen, Queen Moriella.

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Plot Synopsis

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A group of adventurers, while investigating a mysterious magical disturbance in the woods, happens upon Queen Moriella and her associates, attempting to activate and old magic stone. After much effort, she finally succeeds, and gloats about now having access to its immense power.

The adventurers are unnerved and attempt to escape, but they are caught by Queen Moriella, who sends her warlock comrades to capture them. After thoroughly beating the adventurers, Moriella tells of her plans to show the world what witches and warlocks are truly capable of, and have herself renowned as queen. The adventurers protest, but Moriella reminds them that they are powerless against her magic power, and the adventurers regretfully realize that she is right.

Her job finished, Queen Moriella instructs the adventurers to spread the word and make way for her arrival, then has her warlocks carry them away.