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Release DateJuly 1, 2018
Timeline (?)6 BL
Characters Sanry
Erron Arvont
Location(s) Curissya


Partners was a comic done for Backstory Month 2018. It features Sanry during his adventuring years, where an adventurer named Erron decides to travel with him.

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Plot Synopsis

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Sanry arrives at the Adventurers' Association in Taniet City, preparing for his next trip to deliver a parcel to Tyvell. Meanwhile, another adventurer, Erron, realizes that he also has to go to Tyvell, but doesn't want to travel alone. Overhearing Sanry speaking to the receptionist about his own journey, Erron approaches Sanry and suggests traveling together, since they're both going the same way anyway. Sanry is reluctant, but agrees.

As they travel, Erron speaks fondly of his old adventuring partner, Shane, reminiscing on the adventures they shared together. Sanry questions why Erron is no longer traveling with Shane, and Erron explains that Shane had business elsewhere. Sanry decides not to press it.

Sanry, meanwhile, is reluctant to talk about himself, though Erron is able to discern some things from observation—he lives in Chekiku City, he's a great cook, he knows how to use several kinds of weapons... and most importantly, he has difficulty sleeping. This comes to a head when Erron catches Sanry awake in the middle of the night on the ship to Tyvell, where he learns that Sanry has been having recurring nightmares. When Erron tries to help calm him down, Sanry alludes to a troubled past, saying that sometimes trying to help only ends in betrayal. Regardless, Erron is able to calm him down somewhat, and Sanry decides to go back to bed and try and get some more sleep.

The next day, they arrive at Tyvell, finishing their respective tasks. When Sanry takes on a quest that has him traveling back to Chekiku City, he and Erron have a brief disagreement on whether they should continue traveling together. Erron reveals that he lied about his old partner before, explaining that Shane had become angry with him and refused to continue traveling with him. Erron says that he wanted to try and make up for his mistakes with Shane by being kind to Sanry, but laments that he messed that up, too. The two of them resolve things peacefully, but ultimately decide to part ways.

When Sanry arrives back in Chekiku City, he learns that the owner of the weapons shop he was meant to deliver a sword to has passed away. Overhearing another adventurer complain about needing a new sword, Sanry recalls a suggestion Erron gave him earlier about opening his own weapons shop. Sanry offers to sell the sword to the other adventurer, revealing that he also has other weapons he's not using at his house. He begins selling off weapons, when a local tells him that only licensed merchants are allowed to sell anything in Chekiku City. Sanry decides to make it official, acquiring a license and converting his house to a weapons shop.

Later on, Erron arrives at Sanry's new weapons shop, Sanry having sent him a letter about it. Sanry explains that running a shop by himself would be a lot of hard work, offering Erron a job. Erron accepts, and the two of them become business partners.