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We Meet Again (Villain Week 2021)
Release DateMarch 28, 2021
Characters Cap'n Merritt
Masked Malice
...And more!
Location(s) AmysGames Offices
Taishoki City

We Meet Again (Villain Week 2021)

We Meet Again was a short comic done for Villain Week 2021. Things get awkward for Teinei Takushubi when Cap'n Merritt appears in the Niji Chikara world.

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Plot Synopsis

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While Teinei and his wife Kietsu are out and about in Taishoki City, they are approached by Cap'n Merritt, much to Teinei's confusion—how did Merritt get into their world? Regardless, not wanting to give away his secret identity as Masked Malice, Teinei pretends not to know who he is, engaging him in idle conversation while showing him to the nearest subway station.

Their conversation is cut short when Blood Rose attacks the subway, forcing them to hide behind a building for safety. Merritt reveals that he isn't actually from their world, explaining that they would be safe if they retreated to the AmysGames Offices, but that only someone from the Niji Chikara world can open the portal. Teinei, realizing that he's right, pretends to open the portal for the first time, and they enter.

While there, Merritt stops by the heroes' lounge to inform the Niji Chikara of Rose's attack. Yellow questions how Merritt would know that, and Merritt replies simply that the door was unlocked. Regardless, the Niji Chikara rush off to deal with Rose.

Gloria and Almodine, who were also in the heroes lounge, overhear Merritt talking to the newcomers, and decide to say hello... only for Almodine to immediately notice Teinei's sinister dark aura. However, before she is able to out him, Merritt cuts her off, taking Teinei and Kietsu to another part of the building. When Kietsu questions what just happened, Merritt tells her that he has bad blood with the two girls. Teinei recognizes this as a lie, and wonders if Merritt was trying to cover for him—and what that would mean if he was.

Later, in the restroom, Teinei attempts to discreetly question Merritt on what he knows. Merritt confirms that he does in fact know who Teinei is, because he snuck onto A.G.'s computer some time prior and read Backstory Month: Rising Darkness. He also explains that he entered the Niji Chikara world out of a similar curiosity in wanting to know the "real" Teinei, but that he feels bad for being dishonest to someone he considers a friend.

Teinei manages to contain his rage at being found out, but warns Merritt not to tell anyone. Merritt agrees, in turn suggesting that Teinei talk to A.G. about anti-spoiler measures—especially now that Kietsu knows about the AmysGames Offices, and may decide to come more often. Regardless, they agree to worry about it later, heading back out so Teinei can spend time with his wife.