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Side Character Week
Release DateMarch 22, 2020
Characters Maggie
Ceresa Roald
Makoto Minosei
Danny Merritt
...And more!
Location(s) AmysGames Offices

Side Character Week

Side Character Week was a short comic series done for Villain Week 2020. Danny invites Erron to a party, where they and the other side characters discuss their purpose.

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Plot Synopsis

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The comic starts with Erron outside the villains lounge, debating whether or not he should go in to hang out with them. While he's pondering this, he's approached by Danny, who invites him to a party with the other side characters. Erron agrees, saying that he'd like to get to know the other characters better.

They arrive at the party, where the characters introduce each other. Seeing the others introduce themselves as friends of the heroes, Erron decides not to mention his association with Sanry.

As the characters begin to mingle, Philippa questions why none of them are considered heroes, despite several of them having their own Backstory Month comics. Makoto explains that it has to do with their overall presence in their respective series, to which Philippa retorts that the minor villains are allowed to be in Villain Week. Mimi points out that they wouldn't have wanted to invite villains to the party anyway, to which the other characters agree—save Erron.

Danny deflects the conversation by saying that it doesn't matter what their roles are, and that they're all heroes of their own stories. Rikou agrees, explaining that secondary characters help shape their stories though their interactions with the protagonists. As the characters discuss this, Danny notices Erron leave the room, and excuses himself to check on him.

Erron expresses his discomfort about being the only character who is friends with a villain, and questions if he's a bad person for trusting in Sanry so much. Danny sympathizes, pointing out that his father is Cap'n Merritt. When asked how he knows that Merritt is a villain, Danny explains that while he doesn't canonically know about it, it's hard not to notice in metaspace. He then reassures Erron that it wouldn't be his fault if Sanry was lying to him, and that if he wasn't, that befriending a villain could have more impact on the story than befriending a hero. Erron is comforted by this.

Danny convinces Erron to give the party a second chance, promising to stand up for him if anyone starts talking bad. Mimi, who also noticed Erron leaving, asks if he's alright. Erron assures her that he's fine, and not to worry about it. Mimi decides to change the subject, asking him about his time as an adventurer. They engage in small talk, much to Danny's relief.