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Hero Week 2017
Release DateMarch 26, 2017
Characters Gloria Rosebloom
Larissa Jeniver
Sanori Minosei
Red Fire
...And more!
Location(s) AmysGames Offices

Hero Week 2017

Hero Week 2017 was a short comic series done for Villain Week 2017. Since the villains don't seem to be doing anything after the disaster of the previous year's Villain Week, the heroes decide to have their own party.

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Plot Synopsis

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The heroes notice that, in spite of it being Villain Week, it's rather quiet. Because of this, Larissa suggests they have their own party, and the other heroes agree to it. Green sets off to bake a cake, while Gloria goes to find some ice cream, and Yellow puts together a playlist.

In the kitchen, Larissa decides to help Green with the cake. Larissa decides to try and use magic to expedite the process, but only manages to make a mess of flour.

At the party, Yellow finishes up the playlist, thinking to herself that it would be nice if there were some hot boys to dance with. Just then, Gloria returns with the ice cream, along with Vallen and Almodine. Yellow, seeing that Vallen is the only boy present, asks him to dance with her. Vallen agrees, much to the confusion and dismay of the other characters (especially Gloria).

Green and Larissa finally return with the cake, which in spite of Larissa's baking mishaps, turned out surprisingly well. As the heroes express their pleasure that the party went through with little incident, Cap'n Merritt appears on the scene and protests against the heroes hogging Villain Week. Merritt suggests fighting the heroes for dominance, but since the other villains don't care, nothing comes of it, and the party continues normally.