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This is a page about Villain Week 2016, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Villain Week 2016
Release DateMarch 27, 2016
Characters General Donovan
Cap'n Merritt
...And more!
Location(s) AmysGames Offices

Villain Week 2016

The aptly named Villain Week 2016 was a short comic series done for Villain Week 2016. The villains have decided to have another party, this time inviting the new villains introduced since the site launched. What sort of shenanigans will happen this time?

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Plot Synopsis

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After the successful Villain Week party of 2013, the villains decide to host another one. This time, however, Cap'n Merritt decides to invite the new villains to join the fun. The other villains agree with the idea, except for Sanry, who expresses his dislike of Queen Moriella.

But despite Sanry's protests, the new villains arrive at the party. Things go fairly well until Queen Moriella arrives, irritating the other villains with her high and mighty attitude. Things get worse when Karasu weighs in on the situation, causing a huge argument among the villains.

Things get even worse when the MegaMy appear on the scene, complaining about how they are never invited to the Villain Week parties. It becomes immediately apparent why when the other villains start arguing with them about ethics.

The only villains not involved in the argument—Merritt, Pierrick, Malice and Rose—quickly become fed up with the arguing, and decide to try and separate the other villains. Their attempts are met with little success, and it ultimately ends in Merritt asking A.G. to just do desktops next year.