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This is a page about Villain Week 2010, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Villain Week 2010
Release DateMarch 28, 2010
Characters General Donovan
Cap'n Merritt
Masked Malice
...And more!

Villain Week 2010

The aptly named Villain Week 2010 was a short comic series done for Villain Week 2010. In it, the villains of AmysGames try to take over the site with mixed results.

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Plot Synopsis

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The villains of AmysGames invade A.G.'s room and suggest that they should take over the site. A.G. happily hands it over, leaving for a rather anticlimactic takeover. Regardless, the villains attempt to handle various features of the site, but fail miserably, due to their general lack of programming knowledge and creative ability.

Eventually, they convince A.G. that she can handle the technical stuff, but that they will be calling the shots. A.G. agrees to it, not prepared for the sudden onslaught of requests from the villains. (Including a request for an encyclopedia by Sanry, I should note.) At the end of the week, A.G. gets fed up with it and has the villains' hero counterparts come in to chase the villains off.