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This is a page about Sanry Fowler, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Age 29
ResidenceChekiku City
Relationships Larissa Jeniver (enemy)
Ceresa Roald (unknown)
Erron Arvont (business partner)
Queen Moriella (dislikes)

Sanry Fowler

Antagonist of Larissa's Great Adventure. Owner of a weapons shop in Chekiku City, Sanry is a mysterious character with unclear motives. He does, however, appear to be after Sesrina's Wand.


To most people he meets, Sanry is a perfect gentleman, courteous and refined. However, those who associate with him on a personal level would describe him as reserved, with a deep anger resting beneath the surface...

About Sanry

Sanry was an adventurer for a few years before starting his own weapons shop. Little is known of his life before that, as Sanry himself refuses to speak much about it.

Sanry loves to learn, and has spent many long hours studying the legends of Sesrina. Perhaps it's no surprise that he would take interest in Sesrina's Wand, seemingly wanting to take it from Larissa. His exact motives, however, are unclear... what is it that he truly wants?

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