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Sanori Minosei
Sanori Minosei

Age 17
HometownWestern Tokyo, Japan
Current ResidenceNYC, New York, USA
Relationships Makoto Minosei (father)
Danny Merritt (neighbor)
Cap'n Merritt (enemy)
Karasu (enemy)
Mimi Flynn (classmate)
Angela Giles (classmate)
Shannon Minosei (mother)

Sanori Minosei

Sanori is the main character of Aiiro No Kunoichi. Sanori is a teenaged girl from Japan, secretly working as a vigilante ninja warrior fighting against injustice.


Sanori is very serious and no-nonsense. Having been raised to be cautious around people she doesn't know, she has a tendency tends to distrust everyone she meets.

About Sanori

Though Minosei tradition is for the eldest son to inherit the title of Aiiro No Ninja, Sanori has no brothers, so her father opted to instead pass the title on to her. With great talent and greater determination, she earned her reputation in Japan as a respected ally of justice.

When her family decided to move to the United States, Sanori intended to continue her duties as the Indigo Ninja. However, this proved to be harder than she thought it would be, both with her father no longer willing to help her, and with having no noteriety in America like she did in Japan. Regardless, she refuses to give up, determined to uphold the Minosei tradition no matter what.

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