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This is a page about RedFlash, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Age Unknown
ResidenceAmysGames Offices/The Red Colony
Relationships BlueBounce (nemesis)


RedFlash has an ego the size of a blimp, proclaiming himself to be awesome, strong, smoking hot, etc., even though he's really not. But he's oblivious enough that he's pretty sure naysayers are just jealous. His rival and proclaimed nemesis is BlueBounce.


RedFlash is loud and obnoxious, proudly boasting to be the most awesome spheroid around. He also has a hair-trigger temper, and is known to be an idiot.

About RedFlash

According to RedFlash himself, he comes from the Red Colony, a colony of spheroids much like himself. Though early on, people didn't think much of him, he made a claim to fame when he singlehandedly destroyed a sonic weapon that the Blue Colony was planning to use against them. However, it is unclear how much of this story is true.

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