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Red Fire
Red Fire

Age 15
AbilitiesFire powers, flying
Relationships Blue Water (ally)
Green Nature (ally)
Yellow Lightning (ally)
Rikou Nikara (mentor)
Masked Malice (enemy)
Blood Rose (enemy)

Red Fire

Red Fire is the leader of a group of superheroines known as the Niji Chikara. Intelligent, but often irritable, Red does her best to keep her teammates under control.


Red Fire can be described as short-tempered and easily irritable. However, she is also quite smart, and is good of figuring out what to do in a tight spot.

About Red Fire

Red Fire is the leader of the Niji Chikara, though it's not a job she enjoys very much. Besides having grown up believing in science and not magic, she is often frustrated by her teammates who don't always listen to her and like to do their own thing. Not to mention how hard it is to keep up with school when she's always off battling evil.

Nonetheless, she takes her duties very seriously, and strives to do whatever she can to protect the city and the lives of the citizens.

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