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Larissa Jeniver
Larissa Jeniver

Age 10
ResidenceNikoho Town
Relationships Ceresa Roald (friend)
Sanry (enemy)

Larissa Jeniver

Main character of Larissa's Great Adventure. A young girl from Nikoho Town, Larissa is known for her great love of adventure.


A very cheerful young girl. She has an extreme love of adventure and will often take risks simply because she wants to.

About Larissa

Larissa had always heard the legends of the great sorceress Sesrina, and of course the tales of Sesrina's Wand being left in the Ancient Cave near Nikoho. However, there was a curse on the cave, meaning that no one had ever been able to go into the cave and retrieve the wand. Larissa, of course, took this as a challenge.

One day she was able to venture into the cave, and find the wand hidden inside. She was able to retrieve the wand singlehandedly, a feat she gladly boasted. However, she didn't realize that this feat would attract the attention of other seekers of the wand...

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Other Facts

  • Ever since the AmysGames 1st Anniversary video, it has been a running joke that Larissa has a profound love of fireworks.