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This is a page about Gloria Rosebloom, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Gloria Rosebloom
Gloria Rosebloom

Age 12
Element (?)Normal
Relationships Vallen Hawkeye (ally/crush)
Almodine Werr (ally)
Maggie (mentor/friend)
General Donovan (enemy)

Gloria Rosebloom

Gloria is a young girl from Sinonam City, who is suddenly transported to a world that she's not sure she can handle. She doesn't know it, but supposedly she is destined to use her powers to save the worlds.


A kindhearted individual, Gloria strives to help people however she can. Though usually fairly uncertain of herself, when she puts her mind to something, she won't back down.

About Gloria

Unknown to her, Gloria is believed by the Elemental Wari—legendary beings of her world—to be the prophesied "Legendary Female" who will save the worlds. To this end, she was given some of their magic at a young age, allowing her to heal herself from an injury that would otherwise have taken her life.

One of the Elemental Wari, Magmis, stayed with Gloria to teach her how to use her magic. But they had to train in secret—magic users have always been widely feared in Gloria's homeworld of Noen, and if she was ever caught using it, she would be captured by the anti-magic task force known as the MegaMy. In fact, she was able to keep her magic a secret for only six years before exactly that happened, forcing the Elemental Wari to transport her to Muilic.

Now, stuck in an unfamiliar world in the middle of a devastating war, Gloria does what she can to help her newfound friends against the cruel Tilotarian armies.

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