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This is a page about Erron Arvont, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Erron Arvont
Erron Arvont

Age 28
ResidenceChekiku City
Relationships Sanry (business partner)

Erron Arvont

Erron is Sanry's business partner. Unlike Sanry, Erron is a cheerful fellow who loves to make friends.


Erron is a very upbeat character. He likes to live large, and especially loves to talk about his adventures. Though he can come off as a bit self-centered, he cares deeply for his friends.

About Erron

Erron met Sanry while they were both adventurers. One day, when they both had business in the same city, Erron suggested the two of them travel together. Despite Sanry's reluctance, the two of them became adventuring partners, and over time they formed a friendship. Ultimately, this led Sanry to hire Erron to work at his weapons shop, where Erron has been working ever since.

However, despite their relationship, Erron knows little of Sanry's true motives. Though he does his best to respect his friend's boundaries, it's hard not to worry when said friend starts chasing after ancient artifacts...

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