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This is a page about Ceresa Roald, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Ceresa Roald
Ceresa Roald

Age 10
ResidenceNikoho Town
Relationships Larissa Jeniver (friend)
Sanry (unknown)
Queen Moriella (bad memory)

Ceresa Roald

Ceresa is a shy young orphan who is good friends with Larissa. She is wise beyond her years, and often provides as a voice of reason to her fearless friend. And as Larissa's new adventure goes on, she helps to shed some light on an important piece of a large puzzle...


Ceresa is very shy, preferring to keep to herself for the most part. However, she is also wise beyond her years, and often keeps her energetic friend grounded.

About Ceresa

Ceresa's father was an adventurer, but he unfortunately died before she was born. Her mother raised her for most of her childhood, but was killed in an unfortunate incident involving an evil witch. Since then, Ceresa has stayed at the Nikoho Town Orphanage.

Ceresa has been good friends with Larissa since early childhood. As the quieter and more rational of the two, Ceresa often acts as the voice of reason to Larissa's adventurous impulses.

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