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This is a page about A.G., in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Age 29
ResidenceThe other side of the Fourth Wall
Relationships Everyone (characters)


Some of you may have been wondering who this A.G. person who keeps popping up around the site is. Hi. That's me. *waves* Character-wise, A.G. is the all-knowing author who keeps things running from behind the Fourth Wall.


It's hard to strictly define A.G.'s personality. She tends to be rather snarky, and is generally seen by her characters as not being especially helpful when they need it.

About A.G.

A.G. is the author of everything in the AmysGames universe. She does all her work from the other side of the Fourth Wall, usually doing some sort of behind-the-scenes work to make sure everything runs smoothly, whether her characters like it or not.

Her characters are only aware of her existence when outside of canon, and generally think of her as manipulative and cruel—if just because she's expressed a liking for putting her characters in situations they do not enjoy. Whenever they meet their author in person, this dislike will be openly expressed.

Though despite this, A.G. still commands some form of respect from her characters for being their author, if most are unwilling to admit it. On the flipside, it could be said that A.G. really does care for her characters, just that she has an odd way of showing it.

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