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The final desktop image is up! This one's in honor of the backstory comic for the two Niji Chikara villains, Rising Darkness.

And with that, Backstory Month comes to an indefinite end. Thanks for all the years; we've had a good run!

Another desktop image is here! This one's in honor of Aiiro No Ninja: The Legacy.

The next desktop image is up! This one, titled "Stories of Sesrina," is in honor of the three Larissa's Great Adventure comics.

heyyy guys!! merritt here! ag wanted me & redflash to draw smth cuz of our backstories. so we drew us bein epic!!! bluebounce drew on it too i guess cuz now those 2 are fightin again. but thats ok cuz im the best part of the picture neway ;D

Hey everyone! After 12 years (!) of Backstory Month, I figured it's time to take a break from backstory comics for a while. But I thought it would be nice to do a retrospective on the backstory comics up to this point, so I've prepared some desktop images for you to enjoy! The page is here, and I'll be updating it throughout the month with new images. Thanks for 12 years!

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